Donation to Syrian Refugees in Sacramento

One of the rewarding things about working as a member of a nonprofit organization is the opportunity to realize the existence and power of the philanthropic organizations around us. Just by researching online alone, we have came across countless local charities in our community that are trying to do the same thing we are, but just a lot more professional, worthy of being looked up to by smaller guys like us. World Relief is a very large social service organization with branches all over the nation. The World Relief Sacramento just so happen to be right next door, and it have resettled over 30,000 refugees over the last 27 years.

When we heard about this “big brother”, our first instinct is to ask for help. But when we learned more about their missions through their website, we realized how much we can contribute the cause. Refugees are just like the average American, they the same basic needs but are entitled only to limited opportunities. Looking over World Relief’s wish list, we found little to no chances of making a big impact: furniture, household appliances, and many more things a refugee family needs are all out of our reach. However, by emailing the organization in person, we have learned that any help is much needed and appreciated, and our unopened supply of socks fits the bill perfectly.

I am glad to announce that we have given World Relief 480 pairs of brand-new socks to keep the refugees warm through the winter. We are blessed to have this opportunity to get to know World Relief, and to assist them in their mission to make the world a better place.

Acknowledgement from world relief