December 2016 Homeless Giveaway

December 10, 2016


Waking up at 6 a.m. Saturday morning after a long week of school isn’t exactly fun. The blistering wet storm that day, plus the fact that the Finals are only a week away, makes this task of serving the homeless that much more difficult. Still, about a dozen of us high school students showed up early to the location in Sacramento to set up the tables, unload the materials, all while giving encouragement to each other through words and actions. Our parents stood under umbrellas on the other side, watching us performing what is not only a service to this city, but also an experience that will change their lives.


The donations were a big local hit: the 100 sleeping bags, 100 care packages, and 240 of Bombas socks were successfully distributed within hours. The people in need were all guaranteed a supply of items that will keep them warm through the winter; but more importantly, they were met by us with our enthusiastic attitude and innate human kindness. Of course, the receivers accepted the items with grace, as every single one of them expressed their gratitude and we wished each others the best. Even after the line in front of the station cleared, a couple of us still volunteered to take the remaining socks with us to give to more people on the next block, the next street, and in every corner we can reach. The whole process took around 2 hours, but the spirits from all the giving and interactions will last us for years.


I remember specifically that one gentleman walked up to us, and when we offered him socks and beanies, he responded with a simple yet surprising statement: “Thank you so much, but do you have any GLOVES?” That time we did not, but that will hopefully change in our next event. Stay tuned!


Howard Zhang

Founder of Here2assist