2018 New Year Homeless Giveaway

At 7:45 AM, we arrived at the Corner of N C St, just outside of Loaves and Fishes. With the cardboard boxes full of goods and donations stacked up against the fences, we were ready to begin the giveaway process in front of a sizeable line of recipients. Here2Assist supplied the brand-new Bombas socks in addition to the sleeping bags and hygiene bags that IAY provided. A total 400 pairs have been given away during this very event.

For the next 2 hours, our volunteer handed out the “goodies” one by one. When a new person steps forward from the line, we asked: “Would you like a Medium or a Large?”, then we accommodated them with the correct size of socks. This repetitive yet intriguing process was a valuable learning experience for all of us, and we are more motivated than ever to carry on the good work for this new year!